TTT Motorcycles Ltd. (1993) started out like any motorcycle venture with the hope of doing well and helping fellow enthusiast find good bargains in whatever stage of their riding and also having a place where if your bike did go wrong - we could fix it!

This simple ethos of Trade, Repair and Help is the essence of TTT and has been ensuring their loyal customers keep coming back not only for the great bikes and repairs but also for the banter.

It was this approach that has made the reputation of TTT in London but also caught the eye of some overseas interests - namely Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield is a name synonymous with British Bikes of a certain era - one's that allow you to dream as you took those A / B roads through Britain and beyond to the magnificent chatter of the engine and sound of its exhaust.  Since 1891 this British company paved the way creating some stunning and still to this day, iconic motorcycles.  Most famous being the Bullet which is the oldest continuous produced motorcycle in the world. When production shut down in Britain in 1967, Royal Enfield keep going from the RE factory out in India that had been running since 1955.  Today, Royal Enfield is THE Motorcycles of India - and how can a billion people be wrong.

Therefore when the Eicher Group, which now owns Royal Enfield, decided to open the 1st Royal Enfield Concept Store in the UK (May 2014) - a Flagship Store -  and only the second in the world, since the bikes relaunch at their new factory in Chennai, the choice was simple --- given the ethos, dedication, skill and hard graft associated with TTT Motorcycles - that the honour should befall them. With the iconic look and sounds of the bikes of old, coupled with the modern performance and reliability of these new export Royal Enfield bikes, TTT Motorcycles in London is bringing back a bit of British history for the motorcyclists of today!


In response to such demand and one-off bikes we have completed for certain customers, in 2015 we launched KOR LONDON (TTT Customs) customisation and modifications to your favourite Royal Enfields and others bikes to the design and style you wish - whether cafe racer, brat, scrambler, or any other variation - get in touch and let's create a bike for you!




Andy T

Andy is the owner and proprietor of TTT Motorcyles. It was his vision and collaboration with the Eicher Group that allowed Royal Enfield to come back with gusto to launch the 1st Royal Enfield Concept Store in the UK - It's Flagship Store.

From humble beginnings of Yorkshire - he has done several jobs from being a Chef to a Motorbike Courier in London till finally realising his dream in setting up TTT Motorcycles in 1993.

A fully trained mechanic, he is never happier when tinkering and under a bike engine, putting it right or making it better.


With typical acerbic wit and charm typical of a Yorkshireman, one thing is for sure - your bike will never ride better once he has tinkered away at in his favourite place - the Workshop.


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