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Spada Aqua Jacket

Spada Aqua Jacket

The Spada Aqua mesh-lined waterproof motorcycle over jacket is perfect for riders looking to tackle the road all year round! Constructed using waterproof and windproof ripstop nylon making this a lightweight jacket. You can rest assured that you will stay bone dry even in poor weather conditions. The Spada logo is also reflective, and these can be found on the jacket's front and rear. for the night riders.  A removable hood is a nice feature on the Aqua Mesh and has a pull cord to ensure the rider's perfect fit.  The arms have a hook and loop adjuster for your comfort alongside a soft feel collar for the rider's comfort - a nice mesh-lined over jacket.

  • Waterproof and windproof ripstop nylon
  • Double stitched
  • Soft feel collar
  • Removable hood
  • Impact Design Technology Protection
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